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Watch: Sean O’ Malley Delivers One Of The Most Memorable Post-Fight UFC Interviews Ever

To become a star in the UFC takes a lot more than just skill, it requires toughness, flair and of course skills on the mic. Sean O’ Malley delivered this in abundance last night.

In the past we’ve seen Conor McGregor apologise to absolutely nobody, declare the Irish were here to take over along with a host of other quotes.

We’ve seen the Diaz brothers deliver some gold, such as Nate’s call-out of Conor McGregor, his lack of surprise at his subsequent victory, and of course Nick’s legendary call-out of GSP.

We’ve seen Chael Sonnen tell Anderson Silva he “absolutely sucks”, we’ve seen GSP get on his knees and beg for a title shot, we’ve seen a lot.

However, last¬†weekend following his display of absolute guts in which Sean O’ Malley finished the fight with pretty much one leg, ‘Sugar’ delivered a classic.

Unable to stand, O’ Malley awaited the decision whilst lying on the ground, and when the unanimous decision went in his favour, he took the interview from the ground also.

If this wasn’t enough, O’ Malley made the interview even more memorable when he told commentator Joe Rogan “I f****ng love you Joe Rogan” to which Rogan gleefully replied, “I f****ng love you too buddy.”

In the current state of UFC’s star-power,¬†Sean O’ Malley did himself a massive favour in terms of gaining a push last night.

You can watch the interview below.


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Author: The PA Team

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