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Watch: Robin Black Examines McGregor Vs Mayweather From A Fresh, Fascinating Angle

In a fascinating new video, which is part of an ongoing series, MMA analyst Robin Black attempts to open the minds of those who simply refuse to even consider the possibility that UFC star Conor McGregor might cause a seismic upset against boxing’s former pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. when they meet on August 26th in Las Vegas.

He doesn’t rely upon the tired cliches that we have been hearing constantly since the saga began, by arguing that Conor is younger, bigger, stronger, more powerful and thus anything is possible in spite of Mayweather’s superior boxing skills. Rather, he comes at the argument from a more philosophical angle.

In the breakdown, Black seems to suggest that McGregor’s greatest asset in this fight is the fact that he is not immersed in boxing or influenced so strongly by it’s rigid nature or fixated on it’s traditions.

“You know who should have invented Airbnb? Marriott Hotels,” says Black, starting a strange metaphor. “But they didn’t, because they’re so far up their own ass in the micro of running hotels that they could never, ever see outside of where they are. So, change instead comes from some eggheads down in Silicon Valley.”

“Disruption never comes from within,” he adds later. “Every disruption is caused from the outside because everybody on the inside buys into the bullshit.”

“Boxing is so far up it’s own ass, it’s so refined, it’s so specialized, and specialization bases itself on the fact that we all just agree that this is how it is. And there are so many of these agreements that we just go through the motions and then somebody will come along and go, ‘What the fuck? Why are they doing this?'”

“And McGregor has already done this, when he took out Aldo and he would have taken out [Rafael dos Anjos] exactly the same,” Black claims, adding that the Irishman’s style has moved MMA striking at the highest level away from the basic, give and take Muay Thai approach that was prevalent not so long ago.

“He already disrupted that, they don’t do that any more, none of the top guys fight that way.”

“It doesn’t mean [Conor McGregor] can do it [in boxing], it doesn’t mean he can do it at all. But isn’t it cool to see somebody try? Isn’t it fucking cool? Try something so big as to literally disrupt an entire style?  And I’ll leave you on another idea; Bruce Lee said, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘It is always the individual who is more powerful than any style, or a collection of ideas or an institution, because these institutions are based on old truths, or mistruths, or former truths.'”

It’s certainly out there thinking, something which we’ve come to expect from Black, but it’s also fresh and thought-provoking.

Check out the entire Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor: Robin Black Breakdown below…

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