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Watch: Reporter Lets UFC Lightweight Lando Vannata Knee Him In The Liver

What happens when you allow UFC fighter Lando Vannata deliver a knee to your liver? Pain. Pain is what happens, as Fox Sports reporter Andy Nesbitt learned at the weekend.

While reporting at the UFC 209 weigh-ins on Friday, Nesbitt ran into UFC lightweight fighter Lando Vannata and for some reason agreed to let the 24-year-old, who lost in a unanimous decision fight with David Teymur at the marquee event on Saturday, to show him just how easy it would be for Vannata to beat Nesbitt in a fight.

Take a look.

While clearly showing more than a little self restraint, Vannata nonetheless administers a stinger to Nesbitt’s right midsection that renders the reporter pretty horrified at how much it hurt.

Admitting that he had done the ‘dumbest thing in my life’, Nesbitt was likely feeling more than a little tender for a day or so after the welcomed knee.

Having been on the receiving end of a precision blow to the liver, the Fox Sports reporter clearly regrets his decision to allow Lando a free shot on him and although he remained jovial about the whole experience, it is clear he won’t be rushing back in for a second bite of that cherry anytime soon.

Gary Brennan, Pundit Arena

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