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Watch: Relive One Of The Ultimate Fighter’s Funniest Moments

The Ultimate Fighter season 25 has seen the return of several former contestants as they seek ‘redemption.’ One such fighter is Julian Lane, who provided us with one of the funniest moments in the history of the series.

The Ultimate Fighter has provided the UFC with some outstanding fighters such as Michael Bisping, Nate Diaz and Forest Griffin. One participant in the series who won’t be remembered for his successful career in the octagon is Lane.

Lane participated in season 16 of the series, and will be remembered for his red mohawk, but more importantly for perhaps the most famed moment of the entire show.

In a video shared on UFC on FOX’s facebook page, Lane light-heartedly revisited the moment. Having been dumped out of the competition early, Lane began to grow impatient and homesick.

“Season 16 I lost my fight early and the rest of the time just took forever.

“I just wanted to get back home to my kids, you know, get it all over with.”

Hindsight is a wonderful tool, however, and years later Lane can see the funny side of his actions. Looking back on his emotional outburst, Lane reflected on the situation.

“I’ve made a lot of wrong decisions in my life you know, I really didn’t think of the consequences until after my actions.

“This guy crazy man, guys were holding me back, holding Dom back. Mike Hill f***in jumps in, I don’t know where that came from.”

For anybody who has not yet seen the moment, we highly recommend you watch. The scene is comedy gold as two UFC fighters emotionally discuss Lane’s desire for everyone to just “Let me bang bro!”

All these years later it is nice to witness Lane discussing the issue with a smile on his face. He even informs us of his mother sharing the video in support of her son.

“It went viral, even my mom posted that video.

“She was like, my sons about to fight ‘Let me bang bro!’ It’s whatever man you know what I mean.”

Here is the epic video.

Kevin Daly, Pundit Arena

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