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Watch: Nate Diaz Gives First Interview Since Conor McGregor’s Historical Win At UFC 205

Nate Diaz hasn’t sat in front of too many cameras since Conor McGregor’s majority decision victory at UFC 202. However, after the ‘Notorious’ became the first man to hold two UFC belts simultaneously on Saturday night, the 31-year-old couldn’t help himself. 

Although Nate did congratulate McGregor on his unprecedented achievement, the Stockton born brawler couldn’t help but remind Conor of how their fights went.

The younger Diaz brother stated that talk of the Irishman being the ‘greatest of all time’ simply had to stop, while he also voiced a gripe about not being asked to attend the first Madison Square Garden event in the history of MMA.

According to Nate, the UFC brass did not want him to attend on Saturday night and himself and his brother had to get in with friends as they were not offered tickets.

Diaz also expressed an interest in a trilogy fight with McGregor and with talk of the trilogy being completed at UFC 209 in Brooklyn, Nate stated that it was the only fight he wanted.

Check out some of his best comments along with his full interview below.

“Why didn’t I get tickets to this fight? I said, ‘I’ll leave him alone. I don’t want to fight the guy. Just let me get a seat.’ Me and my brother [Nick], they didn’t want to let either one of us in here.

“They want to hide me out, I think. Put him on more of a pedestal than they have already. It’s whatever though.”

People make questions to me like ‘hey, when are you gonna do fight number three? Do you want number three?’ I’m like, of course. If I want to do anything, that’s what I want, the third fight. But I’m not begging for no fight. It’s all good with me. I don’t need to fight anybody. 

“I don’t really want to do interviews or bash the guy because everybody can’t do nothing but hate on the guy for doing his belt thing. If they gave me all that attention and all these opportunities, I would take them too. So it’s all good.”

“Congratulations to Conor, He did a great job, got the two belts, but I just know that me and him both know what happened in [our] fights and that ‘greatest of all time’ stuff needs to just come to an end.

“I don’t remember any of the greatest of all times getting worked over like in the last two fights.”

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