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Watch: Nate Diaz Blows Joe Rogan’s Mind During Strange Interview At UFC 200

Joe Rogan interviewed Nate Diaz at UFC 200 and it was glorious, in a slightly confusing way.

While Conor McGregor is the UFC’s undisputed master of the mic, famous for his wit and penchant for self-aggrandisement, his upcoming opponent can be just as entertaining in his own unique way.

Nate Diaz has become famous over the years for giving strange and hilarious interviews – something which has garnered him a cult following among MMA’s diehards.

Back in December of last year, just a week after McGregor had ripped the UFC featherweight title from Jose Aldo, Diaz attacked ‘The Notorious’ one in a post-fight rant at UFC on Fox 17. The impassioned promo, as they call it in pro-wrestling parlance, was, to the undoubted joy of Fox executives, laced with profanity.

“Fuck that,” began Diaz eloquently. “Conor McGregor, you’re taking everything I work for, motherfucker! I’m gonna fight your fucking ass!. You know what’s the real fight, what’s the real money fight”.

“It’s me, not these clowns that you already punked at the press conference. No one wants to see that, you know you’ve beaten them already. That’s the easy fight. You want that real shit right here”.

Things got even stranger later that night, when Diaz spoke to MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani about the challenge he laid out to McGregor. The interview has since become infamous for the Stockton native’s multiple references to something called “ninja shit”.

On Saturday night at UFC 200, Nate turned in yet another off-kilter performance when he was interviewed by commentator Joe Rogan. We are not even going to bother trying to transcribe any of Diaz’s musings, so just check out the video below.

Rogan’s face at the conversation’s end is downright hilarious.

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