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Watch: MMA Fighter Talks Referee Into Allowing Him To Continue Following Stoppage

Former UFC women’s bantamweight title contender Cat “Alpha” Zingano posted a video to her Instagram account a few days ago which showed an exceedingly rare occurrence in MMA, nay combat sports in general.

Zingano hasn’t been seen in the octagon since her 14-second submission defeat to Ronda Rousey in February of last year, but she has apparently been spending time in Thailand working on her stand-up skills in recent months. It was there that she witnessed a bizarre fight between her friend Caleb Lally and an unnamed combatant, which featured some rather questionable refereeing.

The clip begins as the official waves the contest off amidst protestations from the losing fighter, but as he leads the men to the centre of the cage for the announcement he has a change of heart and gestures at the men to continue.

A strangely unperturbed Lally simply smiles and gets back down to business.

How about this TKO!? LMAO!!!!!! #onlyinthailand #myfriendCalebLally @caleblally

A video posted by Cat Zingano (@alphacatzingano) on

Asked for further information on the outcome of the bout, Zingano suggested that the footage she had posted only revealed part of the crazy story. “They fought three times total that night. @caleblally won all three, finally by submission,” wrote Cat.

H/T BloodyElbow.

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