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Floyd Mayweather Claims He Sent ‘His Friend Paulie’ Into The McGregor Camp

Floyd Mayweather has made the explosive claim that he and Paulie Malignaggi have been in cahoots all along and that it was a tactical decision for the New York boxer to enter Conor McGregor’s training camp.

With only 36 hours to go before the biggest combat spectacle in history takes place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, footage has emerged of Floyd Mayweather and ‘his friend’ Paulie Malignaggi, where the ‘Money Man’ claims he and the recently retired boxer ‘suckered’ Conor McGregor into bringing the New Yorker into his camp for those infamous sparring sessions.

In what appears to be a somewhat contrived piece of footage, Mayweather, with his arm draped over the shoulder of Malignaggi, theatrically insists that the pair concocted the plan for the former two-weight world champion to go into McGregor’s camp so that he could ultimately relay information back to Mayweather.

Take a look.

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In what is almost certainly just a tactical mind game by the 40-year-old, Malignaggi continually refers to McGregor and his team as suckers, all the while doing his best to look like a Jersey Shore reject.

Following their initial sparring session, Malignaggi had spoken positively of McGregor and his abilities but never went into any great detail as it has been assumed he was restricted from divulging such information.

Following their second session, in which the American contentiously ended up on the canvas, things turned sour and he departed the camp and has taken every opportunity to ridicule and insult the UFC supremo.

Now, if the above video is indeed true, he and Mayweather are currently enjoying some time ‘talking about strategy’ ahead of the highly anticipated clash on Saturday night.

What do you think? Is this for real or has Malignaggi become a willing pawn in the circus that is Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor?

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