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Watch: Mayweather Believes He Has Psychological Edge Over McGregor Ahead Of Toronto Presser

What a spectacle last night’s press conference at the Staples Centre, Los Angeles was as the Mayweather-McGregor world press tour kicked off. 

As we just about begin to cool off from last night’s explosives, it is time to get hyped for the next leg of this tour, as it is only a matter of hours until the fighters hit Toronto for night two of this four-night promotion.

Mayweather appeared more animated than he has for many a year on the mic last night, as if the former brash, cocky, outspoken ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd had been reignited in him by the UFC champion’s pops in his direction. As expected, the trash talk between the two superstars was off the charts, and we can expect plenty more of where that came from as the press tour continues.

While ‘The Notorious’ provided us with the prediction that he will knock the undefeated pound for pound king out within four rounds, ‘Money’ told his opponent responded by telling his opponent he can choose which way he goes out, flat on his back or flat on his face. The 40-year-old American also mocked the MMA star for his UFC 196 loss to Nate Diaz, labelling him “Mr. Tap out” and stating that he loves to quit.

In adddition, Mayweather took a swipe at McGregor’s career earnings so far, as is so typical of the man aiming to extend his pristine record in the ring to 50-0, boasting about his past lucrative pay days and even flaunting a fresh $100 million cheque.

For these reasons, Floyd believes he is already under the skin of his Irish opponent and has the upper hand in the mental warfare stakes.

With the clock ticking down we are getting closer and closer to the second presser, a backlash from Conor should be expected and we can’t wait.

Check out Mayweather admitting that he feels he has the psychological edge over McGregor after last night’s spectacle in LA:

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Author: The PA Team

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