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Watch: Jose Aldo Discusses Meeting With Dana White Just After Exiting UFC HQ

Jose Aldo met with UFC president Dana White in Las Vegas on Wednesday to discuss contractual matters and his future with or, indeed, beyond the promotion.

Shortly after it was announced that Conor McGregor would face Eddie Alvarez for the UFC lightweight title on November 12th, pushing the Irishman’s inaugural featherweight title defence further into an uncertain future, Aldo requested a release from his contract with the company. The 30-year-old also stated that he intended to retire from MMA altogether.

Disillusioned with events, the Brazilian said that he felt he could no longer trust White and that he didn’t like the direction in which the UFC was going. He added however, that thoughts of retirement predated the confirmation of McGregor vs Alvarez.

White, for his part, downplayed the situation and suggested that Aldo might yet be appeased. But the former longtime 145-pound ruler didn’t sound flexible in the days and weeks that followed.

When he emerged from UFC HQ after the meeting though, Aldo seemed far more relaxed and content than he had in recent interviews.

“I didn’t come here just wanting to cancel my contract or to be released,” Aldo told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto through a translator. “I came here because I had a lot on my chest, I had a lot of things I wanted to say and I thought that saying them in person was the professional approach. So I thank them for their time and for the opportunity to get things off my chest.”

Asked if this meant that there was a chance he might fight again, Aldo responded “At this moment, no.”

“I came here from Brazil already with my ideas firmly fixed in my head. My current intention is to no longer fight – that hasn’t changed. That’s how I felt when I left Brazil, it’s how I feel still today. But, like I said, in the future, nobody knows.”

“I think we had a good first conversation here today. I think there are a few more conversations that will have to happen down the road, but we’ll see.”

You can watch the full interview with Jose Aldo below…

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