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Watch: Jon Jones Randomly Competes Against Average Joes In A Grappling Tournament

There’s something really fascinating about seeing just how easily a professional fighter can overwhelm one of the rest of us mere mortals. In a way, the recent Mickey Gall versus CM Punk fight offered up a prime example of this as Gall easily dodged a sloppy punch, took his opponent down and sliced through his defence within seconds.

But now Jon Jones, a far more elite fighter than Gall, has provided fresh testimony as to how skilled these fighters are by competing in a NAGA tournament in Las Vegas. NAGA is short for North American Grappling Association and is essentially an organisation that holds tournaments open to anyone with a reasonable martial arts background.

It is certainly not somewhere one would expect to find one of the most prodigious talents in the UFC competing. But it seems Jones decided to partake while in Las Vegas for an autograph signing session.

In fairness to Jones, who is a figure of great controversy due to his indiscretions inside and outside the octagon, this was not a case of him feeling in the mood to bully some poor, helpless souls as he explained on his Instagram account that he was asked by competitors to join them at the competition. As well, he appears to be going very easy on each of his opponents while still dominating each contest.

Vincent Whelan, Pundit Arena

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