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Watch: John McCarthy On What Conor McGregor, The Diaz Brothers And Others Say To Opponents In The Cage

‘Big’ John McCarthy has been displaying his trademark largeness and refereeing prowess in various MMA cages since UFC 2. UFC 2, folks. That was all the way back in March of 1994.

In the 23 years since, McCarthy has had the pleasure, and, we’d imagine, occasionally, the displeasure, of sharing the stage with the biggest names in the history of his sport.

Having been around since almost the dawn of MMA in North America, having compiled a wealth of experience at the highest level of the sport and accrued an extensive knowledge of it’s finer points, McCarthy is always a great interview. He is informative, insightful and also entertaining, with quite a back-catalogue of tales from the cage to draw upon.

During a recent appearance on MMAJunkie Radio, McCarthy spoke about something that is always of interest to fans; trash-talk inside the cage.

Thanks to features like UFC Soundwaves and many of the enhanced audio clips that get released online, less and less of the talk that goes on, especially from officials or cornermen, goes unheard by the fans. However, we still miss out on a lot of the direct conversation between the fighters in the heat of the action.

McCarthy, however, has been privy to plenty of these conversations and he shared some of what he has heard from the likes of the Diaz brothers, Conor McGregor and MMA legend Frank Shamrock over the years with MMAJunkie Radio hosts George and Brian Garcia.

“Nick and Nate[Diaz], they tend to call people ‘bitch’ a lot. ‘Hey, bitch?’ How’s that, bitch?'” said McCarthy, not causing any major shock in the studio. “At times it’s hard for me not to laugh.”

“Conor is the one. Conor will sit there and he goes, ‘Oh, that hurt didn’t it. Boom! How’d that feel,'” added the referee. “He talks a lot,” said McCarthy, elongating the ‘o’ sound in ‘lot’ to communicate just how verbose ‘The Notorious’ Irishman can be in there.

After revealing that the aforementioned Frank Shamrock was one of the most talkative fighters inside the cage, McCarthy went on to explain what kind of talk merits an intervention and a warning for the combatants.

“What the rule says is abusive language,” said McCarthy. “When you start to get into things that would towards ethnic or racial, you are talking abusive and I’m not going to allow that to happen.”

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