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Watch: ‘Conor McGregor Is A Freak Athlete With The Touch Of Death’ – Joe Rogan

Conor McGregor is a ‘freak athlete’ with the ‘touch of death’ according to Joe Rogan, who was speaking with John Dudley on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Thursday.

The pair were talking about the prospect of McGregor stepping into the boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather and spoke about the Irishman’s power and whether it has the potential to shock the unbeaten boxing legend if or when the pair meet.

Rogan, with his usual profanity-laden enthusiasm, extolled McGregor’s movement and striking power and admitted that despite Mayweather being ‘a way better boxer’ with a ‘completely different level of skill’, the Irishman was ‘not incompetent’ and is ‘dangerous as f**k’.

“He has a very deceptive ability to move in and move out. He can cover distance very quickly.

“He can do so in a weird way. He can do so in a way that might stun you.

“And he hits really fucking hard.”

The UFC commentator was, however, concerned about what wearing the heavier, potentially 10oz, boxing gloves will do to McGregor’s power and ability to hurt Mayweather.

Pointing out that Mayweather has made a career of block shots with his gloves and moving out of the way of punches, Rogan and Dudley muse over whether McGregor would be rendered weaponless against the seasoned boxer.

Rogan did also round out the conversation by stressing that McGregor certainly has a psychological edge over Mayweather.

“One of the things that he said that no-one could ever say to Floyd before, he said ‘listen, the only reason why this thing is fair is because we’re playing by boxing rules. If it was a fight I would fucking kill him’.”

Rogan and Dubley agree that McGregor was 100% correct with this assertion. The host then threw a humourous slant into the mix, saying:

“At any moment Conor could slide a little back and start kicking his face, or kicking his legs out from under him, and he wouldn’t know what the fuck to do. Do you think he knows how to block a wheel kick?”

As ever, Rogan is as opinionated and insightful as ever and he reminds us that while Mayweather is a resounding favourite for their potential boxing match, and rightly so, McGregor does have the ability to stun the world.

Take a look at the full interview here, which includes an incredible segway into the punching power of former heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman.

Video Credit: Joe Rogan Fan Page

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