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Watch: Phenomenal Promo For The Conor McGregor Fight That Would Stop The World

Conor McGregor enters the Octagon at UFC 202

In the aftermath of UFC 202, many pundits have once again suggested that a super-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather could be on the cards.

Some people call it a sideshow, a circus that would be an insult to both sports. However, whichever way you look at it, Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather would undoubtedly be one of the highest grossing pay-per-view events of all time. In fact, there’s every possibility that it would take the number one spot.

In the midst of McGregor’s fall out with the UFC in the build up to UFC 200, rumours began to circulate that Floyd Mayweather was interested in facing the ‘Notorious’ Irishman. The reports were initially scoffed at with most purists claiming that a McGregor/Mayweather fight would simply be a farce. In an MMA fight, McGregor would destroy Mayweather. In a boxing contest, Floyd would simply pick Conor apart.

However, the rumours became far more than that when both fighters started to openly speak about the contest, frequently encouraging the story in interviews and on social media.

In fact, speaking about McGregor, Mayweather stated that he absolutely believed that a fight with the UFC champion was going to happen and that the Irishman was, at that point in time, the only fight he would consider.

‘Well, it’s really not a rumour… We really don’t know as of right now but, do I think the fight will happen? Absolutely.’

…If the fight does happen, I truly believe it’s going to be record breaking. If I do fight, it’s only gonna be against Conor McGregor, not against nobody else. – Floyd Mayweather.

Since McGregor’s victory over Nate Diaz at UFC 202, the hottest question in the world of combat sports has circulated around what’s next for the Irish brawler. Some suggest a featherweight title defence against Jose Aldo, others feel a lightweight fight against Champion Eddie Alvarez would be more appropriate.

However, after McGregor himself stated that he was considering many options with some being outside the UFC, many have now suggested that the Irishman may well make a serious effort to get the Floyd Mayweather fight booked in the coming weeks.

‘I’ve got to talk about what’s next. There’s a lot of options and, some might not be this sport so, we’ll see.’ – Conor McGregor post UFC 202.

McGregor has stated on several occasions that his goal in this game is simply to make as much money as possible, and to get out with his health in tact. If there ever was a fight to allow the Irishman to do just that, then this is it. A fight against Floyd Mayweather would provide McGregor with what could only be referred to as ‘walkaway money’.

Speaking about the potential super fight, top MMA commentator Brendan Schaub claimed that the only reason the fight hasn’t been booked as of yet, is that McGregor and Mayweather couldn’t agree on a split of the revenue. However, Schaub went into great detail to explain why the crossover clash is still the best choice for the Irishman.

‘Get your money. Because the route that the UFC is gonna have you (McGregor) go, it’s gonna be f——g rocky man. It’s gonna be tough. There’s a lot of tough match ups, I don’t know what happens. Right now you’re Mystic Mac, you just beat Nate Diaz, use that…

You’re telling me everyone in this room wouldn’t pay to watch that? You’re telling me, you wouldn’t rather watch Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather, than Conor vs Jose Aldo 2?? Pfff…’

From what I hear from inside sources, the only reason Floyd and Conor didn’t fight before, they had a venue, the teams agreed to it, I heard everything was in agreement except a money issue between Conor and Floyd…

‘This is your golden ticket. There is noting bigger. I know people are like, ‘oh it’s ridiculous though, he can’t possibly beat Floyd…’ bla, bla, bla. I don’t give a f–k about any of that. I want to see our best guy against their best guy. And make some money.’

Whether the titanic fight will ever take place or not remains to be seen but, here at Pundit HQ, we’re certainly crossing our fingers…

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