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Watch: Hilarious Fox Sports Video Absolutely Destroys Conor McGregor’s Boxing Technique

Conor McGregor surely won’t be too happy with this one…

With the world still talking about a potential super-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, the Irishman posted a video of himself sparring in SBG on Wednesday evening.

Although some believe that McGregor has some advantages over Mayweather, with his size and reach most frequently mentioned, the general consensus is that the ‘Notorious’ would not stand a chance against one of boxing’s all time greats.

Speaking about the potential bout, HBO pundit Max Kellerman put it perfectly when he stated that either fighter has a zero percent chance of victory when competing in an entirely different sport.

In a boxing ring, Conor McGregor has a zero percent chance to win. In an octagon, Floyd Mayweather has a zero percent chance to win.

I find the lack of respect for various disciplines astonishing. It’s like the people that think ‘oh boxing, I’m a big strong guy, I’ll get in and box.’ No. You won’t. You really won’t.

However, with McGregor continuing to state that he will go in and knock out the undefeated Floyd Mayweather, Fox Sports have decided to bring him back down to earth in hilarious fashion.

Check out their video ripping into McGregor’s somewhat suspect boxing technique below;

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Author: The PA Team

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