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Watch: What Happened When A Boxer Successfully Transitioned To MMA

With the world discussing the possibility of Conor McGregor potentially making a massive transition to boxing for a fight with Floyd Mayweather, here at Pundit HQ, we’ve decided to look at what has happened when other fighters have attempted similar feats. 

On Tuesday afternoon, we published an article on an intriguing fight that went down at UFC 118. On that occasion, James ‘lights out’ Toney, a boxer who had held 11 different titles in 5 different weight classes, made his MMA debut against Randy Couture, a seasoned UFC veteran. The transition did not go well for Toney with the then 42-year-old boxer getting taken down inside the first minute and submitted not long after.

However, there have been occasions where fighters have made the transition successfully. The most notable example has undoubtedly been Holly Holm, with the former pro boxer becoming the UFC bantamweight champion in 2015 when she was the first to defeat Ronda Rousey in the UFC. Although Holm has suffered two losses since, she is now scheduled to throw down in the inaugural female featherweight title fight at UFC 208 next month.

Ray Mercer is another boxer to have taken the plunge into MMA. Although the 55-year-old did not feature in the UFC, he did take on an established mixed martial artist in the form of Tim Sylvia at ‘Adrenaline MMA 3’ in 2009.

Check out how the fight went down below;

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