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Watch: Former UFC Star Diego Brandao Dramatically Walks Out Of Cage Mid-Fight At FNG 73

Diego Brandao, the former UFC star and Conor McGregor’s third victim in the UFC, has dramatically quit during his Fight Night Global 73 main event clash with Akhmed Aliev on Monday night.

The 30-year-old Brazilian has been fighting for the FNG promotion since October of 2016 and had enjoyed back-to-back wins since joining the Eurasian promotion.

At FNG 73, the former UFC featherweight took on Aliev in the main event and while things appeared initially to be going as you would expect any MMA contest to go, the second round saw the Brazilian on his back in a clinch with the 27-year-old Russian.

Again, with nothing strange about an opponent in a defensive position on his back inside the cage, what appeared to trigger Brandao’s frustrations was a questionable use of the head by Aliev.

Drawing a rebuke and intervention from the referee, Aliev immediately went on the offensive and dropped a number of powerful strikes on Brandao, after which the Brazilian, in apparent disgust, kicked out at the Russian and then dramatically quit the cage, much to the displeasure of fans.

Take a look at the debacle.

From the footage, it appears as if Aliev did indeed use his head on Brandao and continued to press forward with his fists as the referee attempted to intervene.

The incident saw the Brazilian vault the cage and depart immediately, resulting in a TKO judgement against the 30-year-old.

It was a bizarre end to the main event in Dagestan and based on the evidence, it surely must be assumed that the former UFC fighter will have something to say about how things went down on Monday.

Watch this space.


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Author: The PA Team

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