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Watch: Footage Shows Daniel Cormier Was Badly Dazed For Minutes Following UFC 214 Defeat

UFC 214 is in the books and Jon Jones has returned to the summit of the light heavyweight division once again following his blistering knock out of former champion Daniel Cormier.

Following a nearly two-year long struggle with personal and legal woes, a clean and humble Jones returned for the pair’s long awaited rematch, a fight that did not disappoint.

The enthralling clash was ultimately decided when Jones delivered a thundering high left kick to Cormier’s head in the third round. The impact sent the champion reeling and, helped on with some swift follow up work from Jones, DC was on the canvas taking a barrage of strikes.

Referee John McCarthy quickly called a halt to the onslaught, thus ending Cormier’s reign at the top of the light heavyweight pile.

After the fight, cameras remained on the fallen Cormier, where footage shows just how rattled he was after Jones’ onslaught.

Take a look.

A seemingly concussed and sluggish Cormier had to be helped off the canvas and was slow to find his way back from the dull and muffled landscape into which he was kicked only seconds earlier.

As the camera remains on Cormier, it is clear it took some time for him to regain his senses before his belt was handed to Jones.

This is one of the more emotive aspects of MMA. The train wreck that is the emotional rollercoaster a champion must publicly endure following defeat is often a difficult thing to watch.

This was the case with Cormier. Having ruled since winning the title back in May of 2015, he must now take stock of this defeat and regroup for a return to the octagon and another push for the summit of the division.

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