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Watch: Footage Emerges Of McGregor In Celebratory Mood Outside 3Arena After Bellator Fracas

Conor McGregor was understandably delighted on Friday night, as his good friend and training partner Charlie Ward scored a rehabilitative knockout win over John Redmond at Bellator 187.

Ward had endured a tough twelve months, after all. In that time, the stocky SBG slugger suffered two KO losses in the UFC – the second of which came in truly bizarre and quite unfortunate circumstances – and he was subsequently cut by the world’s premier MMA promotion. 

McGregor’s elation, however, led to a rather unsightly incident, with which you are, by now, undoubtedly familiar.

Far from allowing the fracas inside to dampen his spirits though, McGregor carried his celebratory mood back out into the Dublin night air. Footage which has since emerged shows an obviously exhilarated McGregor discussing the fight and it’s aftermath with his friends. It also includes some choice words about referee Marc Goddard, whom McGregor shoved post-fight and with whom the Irishman has some recent history dating back to UFC Gdansk several weeks ago.

“It’s that same referee – I lost the head with him,” said McGregor. “I said, ‘It’s you, you rat.'” 

“It was a beautiful shot. He was out cold,” McGregor added, describing the finish to Ward’s fight. “They all knew he was out cold and [Goddard] was still trying to call it. ‘Oh no, he wasn’t [out]. The fight’s not over.’ I said, ‘It’s you, you rat.'”

After Ward dropped Redmond with a big left hook along the fence in the embers of the first round and followed up with a couple of grounded strikes, Goddard intervened. He was, however, unsure if all the strikes landed before the bell sounded to end the session and wanted to verify this with the commission. But within seconds of Redmond hitting the floor, McGregor had hopped into the cage to celebrate with his SBG teammate. In the process of trying to clear the area so that he could speak with fellow officials cageside, Goddard briefly put his hands on McGregor and things turned ugly. McGregor pursued and pushed Goddard before being restrained.

In the past, fighters who have gotten physical with officials have received severe punishments. It remains to be seen if McGregor will be treated the same way, but early indications are that he won’t get off scot-free.

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Author: The PA Team

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