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Watch: Floyd Mayweather Sums Up What The Conor McGregor Fight Is All About

Attending the Carl Frampton vs Leo Santa Cruz fight in Las Vegas last weekend, Floyd Mayweather once again addressed the constant reports linking him with a Conor McGregor fight.

Ever since the initial rumours broke of a potential bout between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, most pundits have dismissed the cross over fight as a gimmick or some sort of sideshow.

Speaking about the match up, HBO Pundit, Max Kellerman stated that, although the fight would do ‘big business,’ everyone in the world ‘with a brain,’ already knows the outcome.

“I mean it would do big business obviously but it’s a sideshow because everyone in the world with a brain knows the outcome.

In a boxing ring, Conor McGregor has a zero percent chance to win. In an octagon, Floyd Mayweather has a zero percent chance to win.

I find the lack of respect for various disciplines astonishing. It’s like the people that think ‘oh boxing, I’m a big strong guy, I’ll get in and box.’ No. You won’t. You really won’t.

Speaking this week, boxing legend Carl Froch echoed Kellerman’s thoughts as he stated that Mayweather wouldn’t even need to train to beat McGregor. However, in slating the potential bout as a gimmick, Froch also touched upon the one reason why the fight seems increasingly likely to happen – he’d like to see it.

‘For me, it’s a gimmick. and it’s not even gonna be a fight. It’s not even gonna be a boxing match. But I think I’d like to see it.’

Most critics think the bout is purely a financial exercise that would put outrageous sums of money into the two competitors pockets. However, the fact that the fight would likely become the most purchased pay-per-view event of all time tells you everything you need to know.

Sport is, above all else, a form of entertainment and although a Mayweather vs McGregor match up may not transpire to be the greatest spectacle of all time, the personalities involved will ensure that the fight, and everything that comes with it, will be damn well entertaining.

Speaking to ESNEWS last weekend, Mayweather emphasised this exact point as he stated once again that the McGregor fight was the only bout that he was interested in.

‘There’s only one fight that I want. If I came back to entertain the fans. There’s only one entertaining bout – Mayweather vs McGregor.’

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Author: The PA Team

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