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Watch: Floyd Mayweather Sr. Unleashes Bizarre Attack On Conor McGregor And Coach John Kavanagh

Another day, another Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather headline. It seems the world of boxing and MMA has an insatiable appetite for a fight that is still a long way from even being agreed.

Both men have been dancing around the notion of a boxing contest for months, with McGregor appearing the most keen at this time. On hiatus from the octagon ahead of the birth of his first child, the UFC lightweight champion has enough time on his hands to entertain himself with his ambitions in the ring.

As it slowly appears that a fight between arguably the biggest names of boxing and MMA may indeed happen, Floyd Mayweather Sr. has waded into the media circus with a truly bizarre series of comments that refer to McGregor as a ‘caveman’ and his coach, SBG patriarch John Kavanagh, as a nobody who he himself will ‘knock straight cold’.

Take a look.

Video Credit: Fight Hub TV

The comments from Mayweather Sr. are clearly intended to be dismissive and derogatory, likely in a bid to extract a reaction from the Irishman and his camp.

Based on the evidence from his recent exploits in the UFC over the last few years, McGregor is clearly more than a ‘caveman’, having laid waste to the featherweight division, before sweeping to the lightweight title in awesome fashion at UFC 205 in November.

As for Kavanagh, you might well expect he will find Mayweather Sr.’s comments to be as humorous as they are ridiculous.

Gary Brennan, Pundit Arena

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