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Watch: Floyd Mayweather Already Knows Conor McGregor’s Fight Strategy

Floyd Mayweather held an open media session at his gym on Thursday evening and had plenty of interesting things to say about his upcoming bout with Conor McGregor.

Mayweather spoke with a disconcerting level of confidence throughout the media session and, when it was put to him that he might struggle with McGregor’s style, Floyd not only said he would be comfortable, he explained that he already knows the Irishman’s fight strategy.

‘McGregor, he’s gonna come out and he’s gonna keep switching. I already know, like I said before, I already know what you gonna do.

He gonna come out southpaw and then he gonna switch the other way. He gonna keep switching but when you keep switching all you doing is burning your energy. 

So, let me give him some knowledge so that he can see. Keep switching, keep switching, all you gonna do is keep burning your energy.’

Floyd went onto make a rather bold prediction for the fight even admitting that, should the fight go the distance, that would essentially count as a win for McGregor.

“I would say so. If the fight goes the distance it is a win for him. But I don’t think that is going to happen. He is going around saying that it will be over in four rounds, and he might be right. But it will be because I say so, and not him.”

Check out the video in full below;

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