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Watch: The Final Episode Of UFC 202: Embedded Is Here

The waiting is almost over. All of Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz’s UFC 202 promotional obligations are fulfilled and both men have weighed in under the 171-pound limit allowed in non-championship welterweight contests. All that’s left is for them to step into the octagon and fight.

To offer some assistance as you endure those agonising final hours of anticipation, the promotion have released the last episode of UFC 202: Embedded. The sixth installment of this series focuses on the fighters as they approach the new low-key Friday morning weigh-in, as well as the antithetical pizazz surrounding the subsequent public weigh-in event, which is now entirely for show.

In between that however, is a look at McGregor’s post-weigh-in nutrition. Former fighter George Lockhart is the man that the ‘The Notorious’ one has entrusted with guiding him in this regard, and he provides some interesting insight as he prepares an packed burrito for the SBG product.

While McGregor has acknowledged that he was a little heavy around the midsection during the previous fight, thanks to his ill-advised efforts to eat-up toward 170lbs, Lockhart is ensuring that the Dubliner gets all the food he needs while avoiding bloating or storage of excess water this time around.

“The closer he gets to fight time, the more we have to increase the carb in-take and prep his body,” says Lockhart. “We have basically been prepping his body to actually hold more carbs. This last week, we had to draw him back a little bit. He didn’t have to cut weight but what we wanted to do is increase his storage space. So we increase the amount of carbohydrates that he is going to eat these next couple of days, so when he shows up, he will be heavier fight day and his muscles will be full without any spillage whatsoever.

“He will be feeling freakin’ strong.”

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Author: The PA Team

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