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Watch: Fascinating Video Explains Why Conor McGregor’s Punching Power Is Overrated

An interesting new video has explained why Conor McGregor’s punching power may be drastically overrated while another lethal aspect of his striking doesn’t get the attention it deserves. 

Prior to Conor McGregor’s professional boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather, countless pundits claimed that the Irishman would not land a single punch on the undefeated 40-year-old.

Although many have attempted to scoff at McGregor’s performance since the night in question, the truth is that the UFC champion performed better than anyone could have expected – even managing to land more significant strikes on Mayweather than the great Manny Pacquiao did two years prior.

However, although McGregor’s showing was undoubtedly impressive, the strikes that he did land weren’t quite as significant as fans of the SBG star had predicted. Prior to the bout, countless members of McGregor’s army had suggested that one clean punch from the Irishman would be enough to knock the boxer out. In actual fact, when the 29-year-old did land, he simply wasn’t able to hurt his opponent.

So, given the fact that McGregor is apparently such a huge puncher, why was it that his strikes didn’t have enough behind them to do damage to a smaller man?

The video below presents a rather intriguing case on the misperception of the UFC champion’s power…

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