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Watch: Extraordinary Cage Side Footage Of Jose Aldo Waking Up From That Conor McGregor Punch

When Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo stepped into the Octagon at UFC 194, it was undoubtedly the biggest featherweight fight in the history of the promotion. 

The pair had already been on two world tours promoting both UFC 189 and UFC 194 with Aldo infamously pulling out of the July event with a bruised rib.

However, after all the hype and all the waiting, the fight itself was over in an instant as Conor McGregor sent Jose Aldo plummeting to the canvas just 11 seconds into the fight. A couple of hammer fists later and it was all over, with the entire contest officially lasting just 13 seconds.

Ever since last December’s event, Aldo has refused to accept McGregor’s superiority claiming that the punch was simply an ‘accident’. An assertion that Eddie Alvarez would surely disagree with.

Aldo was recently named the ‘undisputed’ featherweight champion of the world once again after the UFC elected to strip McGregor of his 145 lbs title. A decision that the Irishman is refusing to acknowledge, recently stating that he is still ‘two weight world champion’.

The unseen footage below would certainly give legs to McGregor’s claims. Showing Jose Aldo waking up from the punch that reverberated around the world of combat sports, Aldo clearly is completely confused by where he is or what has happened, struggling to even lift his head from the canvas.

Check out the extraordinary footage below;

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Author: The PA Team

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