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Watch: ESPN Pundits Laud McGregor’s ‘Excellent’ Response To Racism Accusations

Conor McGregor has been applauded by members of the American media for so strongly speaking out against racism.

Over the course of Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather’s promotional tour last month, some members of the media began to label the Irishman as a racist after he mentioned ‘dancing monkeys in the gym’ while referring to a Rocky movie.

While many were quick to assume the worst, interpreting McGregor’s comments as some form of thinly veiled racist labelling of black boxers, Conor immediately denied the accusations and later explained that he had innocently misinterpreted a scene in the film.

In doing so, McGregor also spoke out strongly and adamantly against such beliefs and attacked his opponent for attempting to tag such an ugly theme on to an already intriguing bout.

Speaking about the back and forth between McGregor and Mayweather, top ESPN pundits Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith lauded the Irishman for his firm stance on the matter and said that the SBG star should be commended for his comments during such a sensitive time in America.

‘It’s not just that he has been accused of something he doesn’t believe in but, especially in this climate, he is correctly and excellently saying ‘absolutely not, I am not about that’.

Particularly in combat sports in which, since the dawn of time, has used race and base tribalism to sell events. I mean that’s always been a part of boxing and fighting and what Conor is saying is ‘no, I’m not a part of that. Don’t use me like that as a piece of propaganda to sell this.’

‘And he was strident about it. He was vociferously against it and it’s important to see examples of that in popular culture. Especially now.’ – Max Kellerman

Check out the pair discussing the issue in full below;

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