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Watch: Eddie Alvarez Was Very Unhappy With Conor McGregor In Post Press Conference Interview

Eddie Alvarez was not very pleased with the fact that Conor McGregor showed up at the UFC 205 press conference over half an hour late. 

The press conference began with the now familiar site of an empty chair where Conor McGregor was supposed to be sat. As a result, all questions regarding the UFC 205 main event were initially directed at the lightweight champion as he struggled to maintain composure in front of a crowd full of McGregor fans.

In fact, such was Alvarez’s frustration with the featherweight champion’s absence and the heckling he was receiving from the fans that eventually, he stormed off stage.

Speaking after the press conference itself, Alvarez was asked how he felt about his Irish opponent rocking into the media event over a half an hour late. In answering the lightweight champion openly vented his frustration and made a rather bizarre comparison claiming that he might decide to be late to the actual fight on Saturday.

‘This is a business. It’s important to be on time. It’s the same thing on the night of the fight. What if he goes in the cage and I sit in the back? If I sit in the back, he has no opponent. There’s no reason for him to be inside that cage.’

Without missing a beat, McGregor quickly responded, ‘I’ll chill in there. Sweet. I’ll enjoy the crowd.

Check out the full interview below or skip to the moment in question at 6:10 in the clip;

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Author: The PA Team

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