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Watch: Eddie Alvarez Offers Very Measured View On McGregor – Mayweather

‘The Underground King’ has offered his views on the fast-approaching McGregor – Mayweather cross-codes super-fight.

If you’re looking for an example of someone being magnanimous in defeat, see: Eddie Alvarez. Despite the heated exchanges before their UFC lightweight title bout at UFC 205 last November, Eddie Alvarez bears no ill will towards Conor McGregor. He has never spit sour grapes in McGregor’s direction following the fight and did not offer weak excuses. The Philadelphia native even feels that his former foe has a chance of putting away Floyd Mayweather on August 26.

Speaking with the UFC, Alvarez offered a very measured view on the hotly anticipated boxing match.

“I think a lot of boxing fans are looking at Conor as if he’s never, ever boxed. Even the way they’re talking seems that they’re writing him off like he never boxed. He boxed, he understands boxing. I just think his chance is going to happen in the first four rounds. And Conor can. I think you’re a fool if you don’t think Conor can put Floyd away. I think he can. I think he can land a punch and put Floyd away.”

Having been eviscerated at the hands of the Dubliner, Alvarez knows all about the clinical precision of McGregor’s hands. He does however fear for his MMA compatriot’s chances, should the fight extend past the first third.

“I think if it goes past the fourth round and gets into the fifth, sixth, seventh where it can become a technical boxing match, I think it could look one-sided. Floyd’s the king of that. He’s the king of swimming and not getting wet. He can punch and not get hit. So if it goes further past five, six, seven, eight he could win by TKO. But I think before that time, that’s where Conor’s time is, in the first four rounds.”

Having danced with the devil himself, Alvarez is in as a good position to offer opinions on McGregor’s chances as anyone. He clearly feels ‘The Notorious’ has a chance to shake up the world, but he’ll need to act fast or the window of opportunity could be slammed shut by Mayweather’s technical superiority.

Noel Ryan, Pundit Arena

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