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Watch: Dillon Danis Submit UFC Veteran Joe Lauzon At Metamoris 6 Last Year

On Thursday night, MMAFighting journalist Luke Thomas reported that Marcelo Garcia black belt Dillon Danis will compete at Submission Underground 3 on January 29th in Portland, Oregon. The New Jersey grappling ace will take on former World No-Gi champion AJ Agazarm at the event.

Many of our readers will be familiar with Danis from his association with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor, alongside whom he has been regularly training since the summer. However, while you will undoubtedly have seen clips of him rolling or sparring with McGregor and read of his exploits at the likes of this year’s IBJJF No-Gi Pan Ams, you may never have seen footage of Danis competing.

If you are just an MMA fan, who has yet to sample the delights of competitive grappling, we urge you to check out the video below, which shows Danis grappling UFC lightweight veteran Joe Lauzon at Metamoris 6 in 2015. It will give you some idea of just how high-level a grappler Danis is and why it was big news when McGregor brought him in as a training partner.

And hey, you just might fall in love with a new sport.

Keep in mind, his opponent in the video, Lauzon, is himself a quality grappler who has scored 18 submission wins in his professional MMA career.

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Author: The PA Team

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