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Watch: Dana White Gives Hugely Negative Conor McGregor Update On UFC Tonight

On Wednesday evening, speaking on Fox Sports Radio, Dana White made a number of intriguing revelations regarding the ongoing dispute between the UFC and Conor McGregor…

Although the UFC President made it clear that the promotion were going to stand their ground with regard to the cause of the conflict (McGregor refusing to attend a promotional tour), White did say that there was still room for reconciliation.

Speaking to Colin Cowherd, the UFC President even went as far as to suggest that the ‘Notorious’ fighter could still headline the main event at UFC 200 were he to make immediate contact.

What if he called you after this interview? Any chance he could be on the card (at UFC 200)? – Colin Cowherd

Ya if he called me after this interview we’d probably still do the fight. – Dana White

However, it seems that opportunity has now come and gone for the featherweight champion. After his interview on Fox Sports Radio, White went on to do a follow up talk on UFC tonight with Daniel Cormier and Brian Stann.

Speaking about the ongoing controversy, White had already changed his tune with regard to a quick resolution that would see McGregor still headlining the biggest UFC event of the year.

Friday is not the first day of promotion. All the fighters are here right now. This is UFC 200.

10 million dollars is going to be spent on marketing. The commercial alone that’s being shot right is over a million dollars.

So, no. Friday isn’t the first day and he’s already missing so, the window is pretty much closed.

Check out White’s comments in full in the clip below;

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Author: The PA Team

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