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Watch: Dana White Clarifies Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Fight Rumours

The continuing saga over a supposed crossover fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather continues to rumble on. In this case though, Dana White has poured cold water on the rumours instead of upping the hype as he usually does with all things McGregor-related.

Perhaps in the wake of the CM Punk fight, which while lucrative business for the UFC, did give critics ammo to attack the organisation’s credibility, White is keen to see things go back to normal. This would mean that his star fighter would have to next defend his featherweight crown regardless of how the Alvarez fight plays out.

McGregor going off gallivanting on his own and doing this super fight with Mayweather would show up the UFC and White for not having control of their fighters.

This has already become a huge issue for some UFC stars as José Aldo has announced his intention to retire after being passed over once again for a McGregor rematch.

Speaking about the saga that saw the Irishman handed a lightweight title fight at UFC 205, Aldo even stated that he felt that Dana White was no longer in control of the promotion.

“My issue is that I feel Dana is not in control any more. It’s a runaway train. Things have been promised and not delivered and he’s no longer in charge, no longer the boss.”

Meanwhile a similarly jilted contender, Khabib Nurmagomedov has now voiced his rebellious thoughts saying;

“If I don’t fight after this fight for the title, I never fight in the UFC, no more. I deserve this. If the UFC doesn’t give me a title shot after my next fight – I don’t care about unanimous decision, split decision, first round KO. If I don’t fight, I’m gonna show how I have power in Russia. Because the UFC think Conor has power? I have power too. This is not all about pay per view. I have power too. I’m gonna show this power.”

The McGregor-Mayweather idea now offers more negatives than positives for the UFC. While the exposure it would give their biggest star would be massive, he hardly needs it at this point. It certainly does not outweigh the negatives of further alienating other fighters and even fans who want the organisation to follow a more traditional path where champions defend their belts against legitimate, number one contenders.

To vaguely paraphase another “Notorious” person, the more money the UFC continue to make through these money-spinners like McGregor-Diaz II, the more problems they encounter because of this short-term strategy.

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Author: The PA Team

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