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Watch: Dana White On Just How Big An Upset It Would Be If McGregor KOs Mayweather

We all know that Conor McGregor is the biggest star in MMA today. That is unquestionable. However, UFC president Dana White feels that should the Dubliner defeat Floyd Mayweather, he will be the biggest athlete in the world.

With the upcoming bout edging ever closer as we enter July, expect this fight to garner even more publicity. This match-up has become arguably the most talked about in history.

Logically speaking, we all believe Mayweather wins this easy. But the Irishman has a habit of dismantling all logic, and that’s what has created such an interest in the fight.

Despite what the cynics may say, everybody is intrigued as to how this bout plays out. Nobody more so than White it seems.

White has stated on many occasions that “I stopped doubting Conor a long time ago.”

The fight promoter feels that not only is Conor one of the biggest stars of all time in MMA, but he believes that should ‘The Notorious’ defeat Mayweather, he will become the biggest athlete in the world.

High praise for the 28-year-old, but White may be correct. It’s difficult to imagine somebody turning a sport upside down like this before.

Of course, this is all speculation as the odds still lie heavily in Mayweather’s favour. This is, however, what makes McGregor so special – that we are actually talking about an MMA fighter defeating the greatest defensive boxer of all time.

Check out White’s comments below (via MMA Junkie):

Kevin Daly, Pundit Arena

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