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Watch: Dana White Makes Several Revelations In Intriguing UFC Tonight Interview

With UFC 222 fiasco finally resolved, Dana White sat down with the UFC Tonight crew to discuss some of the hottest talking points in the MMA world right now.

Dana White addressed several intriguing issues during his sit down on UFC Tonight on Wednesday with the 48-year-old discussing Nate Diaz, Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones and a potential rematch between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

The UFC President slammed comments from Nate Diaz and Tyron Woodley suggesting the pair were set to book a fight claiming that he wouldn’t bet a nickel on that fight ever happening before going onto suggest that he didn’t believe Diaz was genuine in his comments regarding a 2018 comeback.

“We’ve offered Nate Diaz five or six fights over the last several months and he’s turned them all down,” White said. “I’ve said many times that I don’t see Nate Diaz fighting.”

Having battered Priscila Cachoeira last weekend, White also announced that Valentina Shevchenko is now set for a flyweight title shot in the coming months stating that things could get ugly in the 125 lbs division with the 29-year-old dropping down.

“Yeah she deserves the next title shot and it’s going to be ugly for that division with somebody like Shevchenko in it,” White told “UFC Tonight” on Wednesday.

After Floyd Mayweather posted several teasing clips suggesting he was considering a move to MMA, the UFC President was also asked about the undefeated boxer potentially making his debut inside the Octagon and, rather surprisingly, White seemed to be more than optimistic about the slightly absurd prospect.

“Floyd said leading up to the fight with Conor that he would do both [boxing and MMA]. So we’ll see what happens. Obviously, the only way making that fight again makes any sense is if he comes into the Octagon.”

“We went over and boxed him, the UFC and Conor McGregor, and now it’s time for him to reciprocate and come and fight in the Octagon.”

White also discussed a potential 2018 comeback for Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar and you can check out the interview in full below.

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