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Watch: Conor McGregor Wiping The Smile Off Nate Diaz’s Face After Getting Tagged

LAS VEGAS, NV - AUGUST 20: Nate Diaz (L) and Conor McGregor battle during their welterweight rematch at UFC 202

At times during Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz’s epic battle at UFC 202, both fighters seemed to feel that they were taking complete control of the encounter. They were both very wrong.

Although McGregor dominated the first round and the majority of the second, Diaz rallied and during the final moments of the second and third rounds, Conor looked to be on the brink of defeat. Only he wasn’t.

The featherweight champion somehow managed to find a second wind in the fourth and again, he picked Diaz apart for the entirety of the round.

And so it went. When Conor thought he was within an inch of victory in the early rounds, Diaz brawled back and completely took control of the fight. When Conor looked to be out on his feet, he also dug deep and somehow managed to dominate his opponent.

In the aftermath of the intriguing clash, Reddit has been awash with talking points from the fight but, the clip below perhaps sums up the see-sawing nature of the battle better than any other.

With Diaz having landed a flurry of punches, the American dances and smiles as if to let McGregor know that the momentum is shifting. However, when he comes forward again in an attempt to land another combination, he is rewarded with a smashing counter-left from McGregor that immediately wipes the smile off his face.

Such was the power and accuracy of McGregor’s counter, you can actually see the immediate shift in body language from Diaz as the American immediately raises his hands and a look of concern spreads across his face.

The counter left is undoubtedly still McGregor’s best weapon and, in the aftermath of what some are calling the fight of the century, another clip highlighting the ‘Notorious’s’ strongest asset is also doing the rounds;

Hat tip to Reddit users; Techno_Pensioner and Csardonic1

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