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Watch: Conor McGregor Shares Intriguing Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of His UFC 205 Preparations

On November 12th, Conor McGregor will take on Eddie Alvarez as he bids to become the first UFC fighter to simultaneously hold titles in two weight classes.

UFC legends BJ Penn and Randy Couture have both been two-weight champions but neither has held both their titles at the same time. What McGregor is attempting to do could rewrite the history books of MMA’s top promotion and cement his place in UFC lore.

UFC 205 Press Conference

As fans wait for the triumphant return of MMA to New York, the ‘Notorious’ one has released some incredible footage of his training preparations to his personal blog, The Mac Life.

Featuring him sparring in the octagon against an Eddie Alvarez doppelganger and generally enjoying life, McGregor paints a relaxed, yet imposing figure, as he builds towards his date with destiny next month.

Having dominated the featherweight ranks since his arrival in the UFC and shown his ability to go toe-to-toe and win against a larger opponent, namely Nate Diaz, at welterweight, many believe it is at lightweight that McGregor is at his best.

Based on the footage below, not many would argue against such an assertion.

This footage will likely divide opinion, with fans of the Irishman surely claiming their man is destined for victory. For those entrenched in the Alvarez camp, they will be quick to point out that their man doesn’t need the self-promoting antics of McGregor, that Alvarez will be undeterred by this latest footage, that he will be victorious over the outspoken Dubliner.

For the neutrals and everyone else, they will simply sit back an enjoy and wait impatiently for the curtain to raise on what has the making of an incredible and enthralling night of fighting in Madison Square Garden in 19 days’ time.

Gary Brennan, Pundit Arena

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