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Watch: Conor McGregor Shares Video On UFC Stripping His Featherweight Title

After the UFC stripped Conor McGregor of his featherweight belt last weekend, the MMA world has been keenly awaiting the Irishman’s first comment on the matter. 

Speaking about the controversial decision on the MMA Hour on Monday, Ariel Helwani slated the UFC for the manner in which they stripped McGregor of the 145 lbs crown. According to the MMAFighting journalist, the company should have had the courtesy to first sit down with their biggest star to get him on board with the announcement.

However, according to Helwani, McGregor has still not had one conversation with the new UFC owners since his historical victory at UFC 205 and the SBG man is reportedly very upset with the company’s decision.

“Conor McGregor has been saying time and time again ‘I want to sit down and talk with the new owners’. They have yet to do that as of today, and so they announce that Conor McGregor has ‘relinquished’ his belt. He never agreed to that. All they have done is empowered him more than ever before. He has turned into a sympathetic figure.”

With McGregor having yet to comment on the matter in a single interview or social post, Helwani also stated that the Irishman’s silence was deafening and that it said all we needed to know about his feelings on the UFC’s decision.

“The fact he hasn’t said anything since is the perfect move in my opinion,” said Helwani. “Because his silence is deafening right now. He is telling you, by not saying anything, that he is very upset.

However, although the self-proclaimed ‘double champ’ is indeed yet to utter a single word on the matter, the latest post on his official YouTube account speaks volumes in terms of his current mind set.

Sharing a video that was originally created by Big Brand Boys on his verified YouTube profile, Mcgregor gave a clear indication of the stance he is going to take on the UFC’s controversial announcement.

Do you believe he has relinquished the title or did the UFC strip him to save UFC 206? I think McGregor is still the champ. He beat Aldo, Aldo didn’t beat him.

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