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Watch: Why Conor McGregor Must Take A Career Break Summed Up In One Clip

On Friday evening, Dana White confirmed the news that Conor McGregor would not be fighting again until next May at the earliest.

Speaking after his emphatic victory at UFC 205, the two weight champion announced that his long-term girlfriend, Dee Devlin, was expecting a child next year and that he was going to take some time to evaluate his options.

With the baby not due until May however, many had expected that the Irishman would enter the octagon for one final contest before the due date. In fact, with UFC 209 scheduled to take place in Brooklyn next February, it had been thought that a trilogy fight with Nate Diaz was on the cards early next year.

However, speaking to the LA Times, Dana White made it clear that would not be the case as the UFC President announced that McGregor will not fight again before his first child is born.

According to White, the Irishman cannot fight in the next 6 months due to the undue stress that it causes his partner, Dee Devlin, as it could be damaging for her pregnancy.

“He won’t fight before May,” said White. “His girl gets super stressed out when he fights. He doesn’t want her having any of that stress while she’s pregnant.”

“He’s good. He should take time off. He’s been fighting nonstop. Nothing wrong with him taking time off. It’s good for him and her and it’s good for the baby.”

Although some have still suggested that White’s words may not be 100% accurate, one clip suggests that the UFC President is making a very valid point.

Dee Devlin struggling to watch at UFC 205


Popping up on reddit MMA today, the clip shows Dee Devlin struggling to watch McGregor during his recent bout in Madison Square Garden.

Given the fact that UFC 205 was, besides Jose Aldo, the Irishman’s most comfortable display in the octagon since joining the UFC, one can only imagine how stressful Devlin would find another Diaz brawl.

Check out some comments on the footage below;

dee-1 dee-2 dee-3


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