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Watch: Conor McGregor Explains His State Of Mind One Week Out From Floyd Mayweather Bout

When he was asked during a recent media day if there was concern in the Conor McGregor camp that embittered former sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi might reveal some tactical information to Floyd Mayweather Jr. ahead of August 26th, striking coach Owen Roddy was confidently dismissive.

“You can’t prepare for what’s coming,”¬†Roddy told Ariel Helwani. “[Mayweather] won’t know what Conor brings. It will be too hard for him and Conor’s going to land a shot and that will be more history broken.”

“Mayweather will think something’s coming, he’ll anticipate something’s coming, and something else will come. And that’s what’s going to happen every time,” he added. “It will be over before he realizes.”

In his latest interview with Andrew McGahon of The Mac Life, McGregor himself expressed similar sentiment, claiming that it would take a resurrection for Mayweather and Co. to adequately prepare for what he is going to bring to the prize ring.

“What other mixed martial artist is there like me? He’d need to reincarnate Bruce Lee,” said McGregor when asked about the seeming lack of MMA fighters in Mayweather’s camp. “That would be the only person he could bring in that could mimic me – the way I’m coming at him. I’m not like any other mixed martial artist, I’m not like any other boxer, I am in a league of my own and I’ll prove that on August 26th.”

McGregor’s words and demeanour in this interview will undoubtedly please his fans. No fighter is going to stand in front of a camera days before a fight and express worry or talk about the things that have gone wrong during preparation, but McGregor was very convincing when he spoke about how smooth this camp has been.

“By a country mile [this has been the best six weeks of training of my life],” said the UFC lightweight champion. “It’s been absolutely phenomenal, top to bottom. Everyone came together as a team – a solid team. Everyone knew their position and, fuck, we put in the work. That’s it. As we documented, it’s but nothing but hard work here.”

“I’ve had a referee here in Las Vegas – Hall of Famer Joe Cortez – he’s been phenomenal. Every referee has their different style. Joe was actually very anti-clinch, if you look at the [Ricky] Hatton – Mayweather fight he was separating the fighters. He like’s it clean, he likes it crystal clean. So, I’ve had to adjust to that. I had a referee also in Ireland – Emile Tiedt. He was a phenomenal referee as well, he done a great job. He let [the action] go a bit more but he is a phenomenal referee.”

“No stone has been left un-turned – from nutrition, from the cardio side, from the rounds, from the rule-set, from the canvas of the ring, from the size [of the ring], the tension in the ropes – I’m a true professional here and this is how I do it.”

Much has understandably been made of McGregor’s lack of boxing experience going into this fight against the 49-0 Mayweather, but the Irishman feels that his meticulous preparation combined with the fact that he is already accustomed to big fight nights in his own sport will close this seemingly cavernous gap between he and Floyd.

“I’ve been in this life a long time, I’ve had these mega, mega fights. I’m under this spotlight a long time – a lot longer than all his other previous opponents,” he said.¬†“I’ve experienced this time and time again,”

“Couple that with what we were talking about – the true fights in the ring – there has been no spars here. Like I said, [referee Joe Cortez] is fully kitted out and he is [issuing] point deductions and it’s a full-on fight. So, I’m ready.”

McGregor better be. As the fight is now just six days away.

You can watch the full interview below…

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Author: The PA Team

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