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Watch: When Conor McGregor Was Asked To Say Something Nice About Jose Aldo

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It’s just not in his nature…

Conor McGregor is as renowned for his mind games outside the octagon as he is his ability inside it. In victory or defeat, the Irishman will always give his opponent respect and honestly assesses what has just transpired inside the cage. However, in the build up to every contest, the 28-year-old refuses to show a chink in his armor as he looks to mentally dismantle his opponent.

In the days and weeks leading up to UFC 205, McGregor called Eddie Alvarez every name under the sun as he claimed that his kids would be unable to recognise him after the contest. After victory was assured, the SBG Star heaped praise on the Philly fighter stating that he had ‘nothing but respect’ for the former champion.

Going into UFC 194 last Decemeber, McGregor implemented the same tactic as he looked to psychologically disassemble Jose Aldo. In fact, many have commented that the Brazilian seemed to succumb to McGregor’s mental warfare more so than any other as he looked somewhat broken when he entered the cage.

In the clip below, after countless verbal assaults had been flung in each direction, the interviewer asked the pair to say one nice thing about each other. After Aldo ponied up and praised the Irishman for the attention he had brought to the featherweight division, McGregor’s response perfectly summed up his pre-fight philosophy.

Check out another hilarious clip that captures McGregor’s sheer joy in conducting his mental warfare below;

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