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Watch: Coach Kavanagh Reminds Us Just How McGregor ‘Predicted’ That Stunning Aldo Knockout

It has already been almost two and a half years since Conor McGregor delivered on his promise to knock out Jose Aldo and take his UFC featherweight title.

The Irishman exploded onto the scene only two years previously where he immediately began cutting a path straight through the 145 lb division towards the Brazilian legend and undisputed king of the featherweight world.

Cut to December of 2015 and UFC 194, where the rescheduled clash between Aldo and McGregor was finally set to see the pair shut up and front up.

Fans expected the challenger to face his toughest test yet but from the body language before the fight, it was clear Aldo had already been mentalled defeated.

That aside, nobody expected the fight to go like this.

McGregor delivered on his promise and prediction and it only took 13 seconds.

His coach, John Kavanagh, has, however, reminded us that those 13 seconds were years in the making, that that amazing footage of McGregor predicting exactly how Aldo would attack and how he himself would end the Brazilian, was no fluke.

Instead it was, as Kavanagh puts it, “over a decade of repetition behind closed doors for one moment under the lights. 13 years for 13 seconds.

Even now, after all we have seen from McGregor and within the UFC, those 13 seconds, the reactions from the respective corners and that pre-fight prediction from McGregor continue to endure as one of the most incredible sequences ever seen in the world of MMA.

Little wonder Kavanagh was keen to reshare it.

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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.