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Watch: Chael Sonnen Explains Why The UFC Are Really Not Protecting Conor McGregor

Amongst MMA fans, specifically followers of Conor McGregor, there is a split-belief that the UFC lightweight champion has been mollycoddled and continues to be protected by Dana White and his fellow UFC brass. 

McGregor ‘haters’ point out that Conor really is not as good a fighter as we are lead to believe. They argue that the Irish superstar has been minded and the UFC purposely paved the an easy route to the top of the sport for him and protect him from the toughest of challenges to ensure he stays there on a count of him being the company’s biggest cash-cow.

The counter-argument in this dispute is that Conor has fought his way fairly to the top of the UFC, blazing a trail through the featherweight division and soon after establishing himself as the king of the lightweights in the world’s leading MMA promotion.

Former UFC title contender and current Bellator competitor Chael Sonnen is now renowned as one of the finest analysts in the mixed martial arts game. He dissected this topic and boiled the whole thing down to one aspect.

While those who argue Conor is getting an easy ride due to his incredible ability to generate massive finiacial revenue for the UFC will state that Dana White and co should have stripped the Dubliner of his 155-lbs title long ago due to his lack of activity inside the Octagon, Sonnen shuts down their point.

‘The American Gangster’ explains why Conor being in action as recently as August, although it was a boxing match, clearly tied him up for 2017, and it would be unfair to take his UFC title away from him for such a reason.

He also goes on to give a scenario where stripping the 29-year-old of his belt would actually turn out to be more financially beneficial for the company, truly killing the argument of McGregor ‘haters’.

Check it out for yourself in the clip below:


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