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Watch: Chael Sonnen Explains Why McGregor’s Actions At Bellator 187 Will Probably Cost Him Dearly

After Conor McGregor stole the show at Bellator 187 in Dublin on Friday night for all the wrong reasons, it remains to be seen what his fate is. 

Will the UFC lightweight champion go unpunished, or will he be forced to accept being reprimanded for his wild antics?

In a video posted to his personal YouTube account, former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has delivered an analysis of the situation which doesn’t make good reading for McGregor or his fans.

Sonnen is now under contract with Bellator and has established himself as one of the most respected pundits in the MMA game today. While he was the undisputed king of trash talk during his prime as a fighter, ‘The American Gangster’ now regularly analyses and explains the game in a clear and thought provoking manner for fans.

McGregor scaled the Bellator cage after his SBG Ireland teammate Charlie Ward secured a first-round KO victory on Friday night. What ensued was utter chaos.

When referee Marc Goddard attempted to have Conor removed from the cage, McGregor visibly lost it, chased across the canvas after the UK referee and shoved him as he attempted to check on Ward’s knocked out opponent, John Redmond.

In addition, once Conor had been escorted from the cage, he resurfaced to scale the cage again. As he sat atop, a Bellator employee attempted to remove him again. ‘The Notorious’ retaliated by clearly slapping the official across the head.

This all made for ugly scenes and inevitable headlines the Dubliner does not need. Suspensions and even the stripping of his UFC title have been mentioned as potential punishments for the unacceptable behaviour.

Well, Sonnen is a man in the know within MMA circles and he believes Conor should have reason to be nervous as he awaits to hear how the relevant commissions and MMA brass will deal with the incident. According to Chael, McGregor picked the wrong regulator to mess with.

Listen to the full explanation in the clip below…

Something to keep an eye on would be Monday’s MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, as the ABC regulator mentioned in the clip above, Mike Mazulli, will be making an appearance to discuss the whole scenario. We suspect McGregor’s potential punishment will become a lot clearer there. That show can be caught live on the YouTube and twitter accounts of, or Helwani’s personal Twitter account.

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Author: The PA Team

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