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Watch: Brutal Groin Shot Abruptly Finishes MMA Fight

Any male who is about to watch the video below, prepare to wince.

The extraordinary pain that accumulates after a groin shot cannot be understated. Lying somewhere between being trampled by elephants and giving birth to triplets with large heads, on a pain-richter scale it isn’t pleasant.

We often see moments in sport where a player may inadvertently take a hit to the family jewels. Usually, it cues sympathy all round, grimaces from teammates, the opposition, fans, you name it. Nothing can quite unite the male world in empathy like a nut shot.

Take this example from the Australian Open in 2015.

Over the weekend at ROAD FC 39 in South Korea, we witnessed as brutal a no contest finish to a fight as you could imagine.

The main event featured Myung Hyun-Man against Aorigele, in a heavyweight battle. It didn’t last long. Check out the video below.

Aorigele took the full force of a thumping low kick from Hyun-Man square in the testicles. Imagine a prime Tony Yeboah lining up a reenactment of his volley against Wimbledon, and using your twig and berries as the ball. Rough.

Capsizing immediately, a sheet had to be brought in to cover the stricken fighter, while medical staff checked to see everything was still attached.

The Twitter community gave their views on the incident.

The fight was ruled a no contest. His opponent, Hyun-Man, was obviously concerned for Aorigele’s welfare and later paid him a visit in hospital, once again proving that nothing evokes sympathy among males quite like a kick in the balls.

Aorigele is a huge fan favourite in Asia and, previous to this incident, was best known for needing Herb Dean to wrestle him off a defeated foe.

While we can presume that the incident was the result of a mistimed kick, I’m sure anyone who has ever watched any combat sport has contemplated utilising the technique, when faced with an imposing foe. The proof is in the pudding here. It would work.

Noel Ryan, Pundit Arena

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