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Watch: Bloodied Russian MMA Fighter Gets Slapped By Berserk Mother After Losing Bout

Friday night was a bad one for Russian MMA fighter Viktor Kichigin. Not only did the 22-year-old ‘Lion of Pyatigorsk’ spill his blood all over the EFN canvas and lose for the third time in four fights, the poor chap was also subjected to a vociferous verbal tirade and even a solid slap to the face by his mother in front of a massive live audience at Fight Nights Global 67.

Halfway through the second round, with his mom acting like she was in need of an exorcism at cageside, a badly bloodied Kichigin was mounted by Ruslan Yamanbaev and tenderized with a barrage of strikes that eventually drew an intervention from the referee.

As he sat against the fence after the stoppage, out of breath and stained with claret, his mother, who apparently manages he and his two fighting brothers, hopped in to pick up where Yamanbaev left off.

Credit to @Jolassanda and @Grabaka_Hitman for the clips.

Eventually, Kichigin just couldn’t take it any more and departed the cage despite his mother’s efforts to stop him.

As a result of the defeat, Kichigin drops to 10-5 as a pro, while Yamanbaev moves to a rather uninspiring 3-4-1.

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Author: The PA Team

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