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Watch: Baptist Preacher Prays That God Strikes Conor McGregor Dead During Bizarre Sermon

Comments that Conor McGregor made in a December interview with TMZ regarding the ultimate super-fight between he and Jesus Christ continue to draw criticism.

Less than two weeks prior to his UFC 194 battle with Jose Aldo the entertainment news outlet caught up with the Irishman and asked for his prediction for the featherweight title unification bout. Strangely, those perfectly logical questions were followed up by a query about how McGregor felt he would fair against Jesus inside the octagon.

McGregor didn’t spare the “Son of God” from his trademark trash-talk.

Many people expressed their disgust at McGregor’s remarks, including his upcoming opponent, Rafael dos Anjos. However, the 145lb king responded to critics at the press conference for his UFC 196 bout with a tremendous line. “Me and Jesus are cool,” said Conor. “I am cool with all the gods. Gods recognise gods”.

As good a line as it was, it has only garnered him even more criticism.

BloodyElbow reported on Friday that Russian UFC fighter Zubaira Tukhugov called McGregor “the devil” for his slights. While that seems a little extreme it isn’t the most outlandish response that has been issued.

That accolade goes to Steadfast Baptist Church preacher Donnie Romero, who in a YouTube video released in the last few days actually calls upon god to strike down the Dublin fighter for his blasphemy.

“I’m going to pray that god strikes this guy dead. Do you know why? His name is Conor McGregor,” said the Fort Worth, Texas-based Romero. “But you know what, he got up and he said ‘if Jesus Christ was in the ring with me I’d knock him out’. And then somebody threw that in his face and said ‘remember when you said you would beat up Jesus in the ring?’ And he said ‘me and Jesus are good’. You know why he said ‘because gods recognise other gods.'”

“The guy’s a UFC fighter. That guy’s nothing. He’s let money go to his head. He’s got pride. And look, let me tell you this, the bigger they are the harder they fall my friend”.

The good pastor obviously doesn’t watch a lot of MMA, because if he did Romero wouldn’t have asked god to ‘strike’ McGregor down but rather he would have advised the big man to adopt a grappling-based approach to bringing about Dubliner’s demise.

You can watch the relevant part of the rant below.

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Author: The PA Team

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