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Watch: Artem Lobov Talks Gym Wars With Conor McGregor, Attempts To Enter Heavyweight Tourney

It’s fast becoming apparent that Conor McGregor isn’t the only Straight Blast Gym fighter who can talk a big game and entertain outside the octagon as well as inside it.

Gunnar Nelson¬†Artem Lobov has proven himself to have quite an affinity for trash-talking as of late. He displayed the sharpness of his tongue here and there on The Ultimate Fighter, but his verbal game has gone to the next level in it’s aftermath.

During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Lobov spoke about how his record should be branded “the warrior bible” and held up as example to all young fighters. He went on to label himself “the Jesus Christ of MMA”.

In a recent fan Q&A that he participated in online, Lobov came out with some more quality lines.

Asked what was his favourite submission hold, Lobov said “I save the cuddles for the ladies, guys. I tend to stand and bang”(a confusing quote for the uninitiated, perhaps). Asked to outline his prediction and gameplan for his fight with Alex White, which is scheduled for Saturday night, Lobov was once again on form.

“It’s going to be a knockout, 1st maybe 2nd round, I’ll see how I’m feeling. My mother always tells me ‘son, don’t play with your food?’ So maybe I’ll just get it over with in the 1st”.

“I always have the same gameplan: get in there and hit him as hard as I can as many times as I can”.

The most interesting moments of the session, however, came when Artem was asked if he had ever knocked Conor McGregor out in sparring.

“No, never,”¬†said the Russian. “I don’t think anyone ever did. Conor can take a serious shot. He rarely gets hit, but if he does get hit, man he can take a punch, that’s for sure”. This, despite Artem’s assertion that the pair have “fought many, many, many times in the gym” in what he described as “crazy wars”.

Lobov is a constant presence in Team McGregor
Artem Lobov is a constant presence in Team McGregor

Artem has already spoken at length about his willingness to fight anybody, and how, like McGregor, he also plans to compete at a variety of different weights. When he reiterated this here, it inspired one fan to ask if the adopted Irishman would ever fight at heavyweight. He probably meant it as a joke, but Artem gave a very serious answer that included a surprising titbit.

“If the offer is there, I will. Maybe we could do it in Japan because they don’t really have weight-classes, well they do but they allow those kind of fights. I would love to do it. I tried to enter a heavyweight tournament before but it didn’t happen”.


You can watch the session, in which Artem Lobov also talks about Saul Rogers, Dana White’s body odour, moving to Ireland, Russian girls vs Irish girls, whiskey vs vodka, Bill Cosby, and more, below….

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