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Watch: Ariel Helwani Opens Up About His Unprecedented Pay-Per-View Interview With Conor McGregor

Speaking on his weekly podcast, The MMA Hour, Ariel Helwani opened up about his unprecedented pay-per-view interview with Conor McGregor and what he felt were the main takeaways from the big sit down.

Analysing the extraordinary interview on his weekly show, Ariel Helwani spoke about Conor’s determination to fight Floyd Mayweather, about the UFC’s reaction to his controversial Instagram post, about the significance of McGregor promotions and the fact that Conor would have apparently taken a featherweight bout in March had the UFC only asked.

However, what Helwani found to be the most interesting aspect of the interview was how positively Conor spoke about the UFC and that the SBG man clearly wants to keep the promotion on side as he looks to book the Floyd Mayweather bout in the coming months.

I was disappointed that when Dana was asked about this afterwards, just the Instagram post was mentioned, which is fair to ask about but if you actually listen to the interview, I thought that he went out of his way to be friendly to the UFC, that he went out of his way to be friendly towards Dana White. Almost to extend an olive branch.

I thought that he kind of changed his tune on the ‘I want them to meet with me’ [the new UFC owners]. I thought that he went out of his way to cement Dana as the man. Going out of his way to say, ‘you know what, I could probably do this Floyd fight without the UFC, but I want them to be a part of it. I’ve done great business with them.’

Check out Ariel Helwani brilliantly breaking down the significance of the Manchester interview and the main talking points in the video below;


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