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Video: The Ultimate Fighter’s Sascha Sharma Explains Why He Ignored Conor McGregor’s Advice

Team Europe’s Sascha Sharma recently spoke about the performance that had Conor McGregor foaming at the mouth.

The most dramatic moments of The Ultimate Fighter 22 so far occurred in episode 3, when Conor McGregor famously lost his cool during Sascha Sharma’s bout with Chris Gruetzemacher.

“The Notorious” was driven to the point of madness by Sharma’s frustrating performance, during which the German fighter seemed to ignore all of the UFC interim-featherweight champion’s advice. It would be difficult to blame Conor for his expletive laden, sunglasses flinging, sweat-patch exposing outburst. Even watching from home it was hard not to shout at the screen. Sharma’s constant attempts to shoot for the takedown when it seemed that he was the far-superior stand-up operator just defied logic.

A recent interview with Kafiggefluster MMA-Portal, however, provides a context for Sharma’s underwhelming and, oftentimes, confusing showing.

“When I was fighting Sean Carter[in his qualifying bout] I partially dislocated my shoulder, it was in the very first round, I tore my labrum”, said Sharma. The fighter went on to claim that after undergoing an MRI he was advised by doctors not to continue on the show. Determined not to give up the opportunity of a lifetime, Sharma decided to soldier on regardless, but his training was significantly hampered.

“I can remember when we were doing the shoots for the trailer, everybody was doing shadow boxing, everybody was doing fancy kicks. I couldn’t do nothing, because every time I was moving this shoulder it just hurt so much”

It also hindered him greatly come fight time.

“I just want the people to understand that it was just not because I was not willing to fight, a lot of why my performance was so bad was because of that injury”

He continued, “during the first round I was trying to keep it stand-up, I was trying to fight him on the feet. I felt good in the clinch. I felt good in boxing. But then when we were clinching the shoulder came into that weird angle again, and from then on I couldn’t use my left arm so much. The only way I thought I could compensate this was to fight him on the ground”

Asked how he felt about Conor’s reactions to his efforts, Sharma expressed no ill-will toward the Dublin native. “Everything my coaches said was right, from their perspective, I can totally understand why Conor was so upset”. Sharma suggested, however, that McGregor may have been unaware of the severity of his problem.

In the episode that followed, Conor revealed that he had apologised to Sharma for the intensity of his criticism. This was an important and meaningful gesture in Sascha’s eyes.

“It showed me that he is a great person. Knowing that you made something wrong and then to say ‘I’m sorry for that’, apologising for it – that shows greatness for me. Because he is a big guy, he could have just let it go, and just been upset about me, and let the whole world think that I’m an idiot.”

You can view the entire interview, in which Sharma also talks about his experiences in the house after elimination, below….

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