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Video: Joe Rogan Explains Why Rousey Lost To Holm At UFC 193

Seven months on from her upset loss to Holly Holm, former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is showing no signs of returning to the octagon.

Coming back from a defeat is always tough, but Rousey’s knockout loss to Holm hurt more given her undefeated streak and stock within the promotion at the time.

Outside the octagon Rousey’s star power led to her featuring in various Hollywood films suitable for her dominant figure. Needless to say, the former Olympian was kept busy outside the confines of the gym.

Speaking on his podcast (via Bloody Elbow) recently, colourful commentator Joe Rogan touched on Rousey’s loss to Holm at UFC 193 and how the traps of Hollywood took their toll on the California native.

“These themes play themselves out over and over again,” Rogan said.

“The traps are all there, but everybody keeps going for the candy and they keep getting caught in the trap. The traps of Hollywood are always there for any superstar athlete, especially fighters and we’ve seen it all throughout history.

“It becomes this Hollywood trap. And Ronda was – and still is – a giant superstar. She’s this undefeated women’s fighter. She’s crushing all the competition, she looks like a destroyer and then the f***ing traps.”

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 15:  Ronda Rousey of the United States (R) and Holly Holm of the United States compete in their UFC women's bantamweight championship bout during the UFC 193 event at Etihad Stadium on November 15, 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

The life of a Hollywood star wasn’t the only factor to aid in Rousey’s downfall though, according to Rogan.

The analyst mentioned Rousey’s long list of victims, which gave the athlete a sense of invincibility, an aura that masked Holm’s vicious nature inside the octagon.

“That’s something that happens when someone gets so absorbed with this idea that they’re special,” said Rogan.

“So absorbed with this idea – when you’re on top, you think you are the f***ing person, you are the woman, you’re the man, you’re the sh*t. No-one’s going to f**k with you, I’m just going to run through this b*tch! And then you get cracked.

“Then you realise this game doesn’t give a f**k. This game doesn’t give a f**k about your charisma. It doesn’t give a f**k about the Vegas odds. It doesn’t give a f**k about how much money you made or how many times you’ve been on ‘Entourage’ or how many movie deals. This game doesn’t give a f**k.”

Rumours that Rousey could make a return at UFC 205 are doing the rounds at the moment (via the Daily Star), with the event set to take place at Madison Square Garden in New York on November 12.

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