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Video Illustrates Astounding Progress UFC Heavyweight Mega-Prospect Francis Ngannou Has Made In Just 3 Years

A superhero physique and frightening punching-power are helping UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou to capture the imaginations of MMA fans everywhere. But it’s his astounding backstory that is perhaps most responsible for endearing the 30-year-old to the MMA masses.

Born in Cameroon, Ngannou was living rough on the streets of Paris when he first walked into the MMA Factory gym looking to learn how to box.

That was around four years ago.

Now he is the most touted heavyweight prospect in the world, with UFC president Dana White identifying him as a future world champion, and a long-reigning one at that.

It’s an amazing story on a human level. A man clawing himself from one of the worst situations imaginable and launching himself toward superstardom through sheer determination.

But it’s also an amazing story from a purely technical standpoint. Sure, Ngannou began with the advantage of some obvious raw athletic talents, but for any athlete to progress from complete combat neophyte to such a high level in just a few short years is astounding.

I can write that and you can read it, and I have no doubt that you will agree with the statement, but for you to really grasp just how truly remarkable Ngannou’s development has been, some visual aid might be necessary.

Luckily, the Bleacher Report’s Patrick Wyman has provided us with such a visual aid via his Twitter account.

When you compare that wild, unbalanced, bomb-slinging performance with the poised, calculated, technically proficient one he entered against Andrei Arlovski on Saturday night last in Denver, you will see the full picture.

Don’t forget, Arlovski for all his shortcomings in the punch-resistance department is a quality boxer, who at one-time trained regularly with Freddie Roach and even considered turning professional as a pure pugilist.

In toppling the former UFC heavyweight champion in 92 seconds, Ngannou moved to 10-1 as a pro and 5-0 in the UFC. All of his wins have come inside the distance, with a surprising number of submissions, 5, included amongst predictably frequent KO’s.

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